Saturday, March 22, 2014

Science and Music Reaction Paper

Throughout history, science has been influencing music in more ways than one. They have shared this interesting relationship wherein the growth of music also reflects the progress of science.

Science has been a theme by music composers for several centuries already. From The Fossils by Saint Saens to The Scientist by Coldplay, one can see the way science inspires music and creates more works of art. This could be to either celebrate the advances and developments and discoveries, or it could be to show the effects of science in our everyday lives. Science is a source of ideas and feelings that composers can draw from to create their musical pieces.

However, it’s also through technology brought about by science that creates another influence on music. Advances in music have been attributed to developments in instruments as well as electronic sounds, so now we also have genres such as dubstep and house. Science and technology have expanded the reach of music to cover more sounds and possibilities in creating pieces that are unlike anything ever before.

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